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We are the perfect solution for companies who can visualize the end-results and need professionals well-versed in systems and product development to help them get there.

Let's work together!

Software Development

We live and breathe the latest technologies. Cloud, big data, responsive web, CMS, SEO, IoT, and mobile aren’t just buzz words for us -- they are our way of life.

Casino and Social Gaming

We make games fun! Our creative team is responsible for every aspect of casino, social, and skill game development. Concept generation, game math, and monetization strategies are all what we do -- let's make your idea a reality!

Business Automation

We work with you to evaluate your processes and then design automated systems that optimize them for efficiency, visibility, and accountability.

Big Data

Our team of casino experts design and develop automated processes to unlock the data across the closed systems that run a casino. We deliver solutions that maximize the return on the massive data collected on today's casino floor.

Workforce Development

We help to identify the skills your organization needs and design training programs to develop your employees. We extend skill based training programs to help your recruiting programs find better qualified candidates.


We believe that making education a fun, rewarding and engaging experience should not fall solely on the shoulders of our teachers. Our goal is to engage parents, teachers, businesses, and the community in supporting the elevation of education.