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For those implementing GPS Technologies into new and existing products.

For those seeking expertise in Product Development and Technical Program Management

For those in the entertainment, gaming, leisure and vending markets developing products and technologies for target audiences.



When opportunity pounded on the door, Erica Frohm ran to answer it. And 01 Insights was created.

Founded in 2000, 01 Insights Inc. is a custom software development firm bringing expertise, creativity and quality means to the process of product develop. 01 Insights collective experience includes specialization in GPS, Game Design and Embedded Software. They are based in Chicago and have established alliances with strategic partners throughout the United States across many industries.

"We saw an open niche in the marketplace and we felt confident our skill set would fill that niche," says Erica Frohm. "Our experience developing products from concept to completion, from focus groups to rollouts, hardware to software; gave us a great background and awesome perspective."

By focusing their services and clearly defining their customer base, 01 Insights can make the greatest difference by matching their skill set to the right clients.

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