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For those implementing GPS Technologies into new and existing products.

For those seeking expertise in Product Development and Technical Program Management

For those in the entertainment, gaming, leisure and vending markets developing products and technologies for target audiences.



  • Programing Languages: C, C++, Java and Assembly.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, WinCE, Unix, Linux, Palm OS and many proprietary and off the shelf systems and RTOSs.
  • Processors: 80x86, (segmented and protected modes), 68 HC11, 68000, 68HC16, 8051, AMD Elan, PIC Family, and SGS-Thompson ST62 Family.
  • Tools: Cad-UL, Borland, Visual Studio, Rational Rose, Rhapsody, OOAD and Case Tools.
  • Configuration Managements Tools: PVCS, MKS, ClearCase, SourceSafe
  • Tools development from script processors (PERL, PYTHON, TCL, CGI) to virtual machines
  • Legacy systems analysis, debugging, enhancement and re-architecting.

  • Embedded Systems experience from 8bits to 32 bits and 100 to 250k

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